Amazon Product Photography Services: Behind the Scenes of Creating Stunning Listing Images and A+ Content for Food Containers

Hello there! Welcome to our newest blog post, where we’re excited to share our recent adventure working on an incredible project. We had the chance to create some outstanding images for an Amazon listing featuring airtight food containers. Our amazing client from Los Angeles believed in us to make their product stand out, and we can’t wait to share all the details with you!

Before we dive into the creative process, let’s mention an interesting detail. Our client had their product shipped directly from the manufacturer in China to our studio. It took about 19 days for the airtight food containers to arrive, but we didn’t let that time go to waste. Instead, we used it to develop concepts for the listing images and video script, ensuring that everything was ready when the product arrived.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the journey of creating captivating listing images, useful infographics, and immersive A+ content for our client’s airtight food container product. And guess what? In March 2023, these images are among the most visually appealing on Amazon! So, join us as we offer a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process that made this fantastic product truly sparkle.
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Concept Drawings

Concept sketches played a crucial role in our planning process. Before diving into the drawing, we thoroughly researched the entire niche of similar products to ensure that we fully understood the market and competition. We crafted concept visuals for both the Amazon listing and A+ content. To kick things off, we had a chat with the client about the desired theme and style for their images. Then, we collaborated to sketch out various scenes we aimed to capture. It took us about 6 hours of work to complete the 6 images, as we wanted to make sure we had a solid understanding of what to draw. These drawings were super helpful in visualizing different aspects of each shot, like lighting, props, and backgrounds.

Photoshoot Preparation

1. Model Selection

Besides the concept sketches, we also dedicated time to finding the perfect model to match the desired vibe. We explored casting agencies and social media to discover a model who embodied a housewife persona and would resonate with the client’s target audience.

2. Location Scouting

Moreover, we hunted for the ideal kitchen location that would enhance both the shoot and the product. Our aim was to find a kitchen with a cozy and welcoming ambiance, along with suitable lighting to highlight the containers. After some searching, we discovered a location that checked all the boxes and exuded a homely charm.

3. Props

On the day of the shoot, we arrived at the location with props that matched the theme and ambiance of the session. In fact, we spent over $200 at the supermarket to purchase items to fill the containers, as well as to fill the entire scene and the refrigerator. We brought along chopping boards, a kitchen machine, pans, and more. To add a homey feel, we also included some green plates that complemented the interior, along with fruit bowls and kitchen towels, making the setting even more welcoming.


Day of photoshoot

We set up the kitchen interior to evoke a warm and inviting ambiance. To make the space resemble a genuine home kitchen, we rearranged the furniture accordingly. We meticulously chose the food containers to fill and investigated which food colors would be the most visually appealing for the images. After conducting thorough research, we opted to fill the containers with vibrant foods like pasta, strawberry banana loops, cookies, and dried pineapple.

Equipment And Light Setup

Light Setup: For this shoot, we utilized a medium format camera, the Fuji GFX 100s, and a full-frame Nikon D850 with tilt-shift lenses. We aimed for soft, natural lighting, so we employed a large 2×2 Lastolite diffuser and three strobe lights to achieve the desired effect.


White Backround Studio Shots:

On day two of our thrilling photoshoot, we focused on snapping some fantastic studio images of our star product, the airtight food containers, set against a clean, white background – just as Amazon requires. We carefully studied the best competitors on Amazon and chose the most outstanding angle, in our opinion, to truly showcase the amazing features of our containers.

You might think a white background studio shoot is a walk in the park, but that wasn’t the case for us. These containers have see-through bodies and white lids, so we had to come up with a super cool lighting setup to bring out the shiny, polished plastic and create just the right highlights. The tricky part was that whenever we moved the camera or containers, we had to tweak the whole setup to keep those highlights looking perfect. Oh, and we didn’t stop there – we also took some fabulous infographic images on a white background, too!


Video Production

On the third day of the shoot, we focused on producing a video for the Amazon listing. With the help of a professional scriptwriter, we developed a script that showcased the product in action and highlighted its features. We filmed the video using a mix of location and studio shots, and then edited it to create a visually appealing and informative piece that would aid our client in boosting conversion rates.

Creating Captivating Product Images and Videos for Airtight Food Containers Using Our Expert Amazon Product Photography Services

Leveraging these methods, our Amazon product photography service successfully delivered a collection of striking images and a video that expertly showcased the airtight food containers, surpassing the client’s expectations. Our Amazon product photography aimed to boost conversion rates by making the containers as attractive as possible, while the video added value by enabling the client to effectively present their product to prospective customers. If you’re in search of product photography services for Amazon, including A+ content and video production, don’t hesitate to explore our main portfolio to discover how we can assist you in achieving success:


If you’re a photographer or someone seeking an Amazon photography service, it’s crucial to pay attention to the details when creating top-notch product and lifestyle images for Amazon listings and A+ content. These images can make all the difference when it comes to boosting conversion rates and generating sales. By utilizing various strategies like concept sketches, model casting, location scouting, prop sourcing, pre-production, lighting design, and studio sessions, you can create captivating visuals that effectively highlight your clients’ products or your own offerings.

For photographers, concept sketches are indispensable, as they can provide invaluable insights into different aspects of each shot, such as lighting, props, and backgrounds. Moreover, it’s essential to consider the type of model and their outfit, along with the importance of location and prop styling. By focusing on these elements, you can produce exceptional, high-quality images that set the industry standard and help your clients or your own business succeed in the highly competitive world of Amazon sales.

On the other hand, if you’re searching for an Amazon photography service, make sure they have a solid track record of employing these strategies and delivering stunning images that stand out in their niche. By choosing the right photography service, you can improve your product’s visibility on Amazon, attract potential customers, and ultimately drive sales.

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