Amazon Product Photography Services: Behind the Scenes of Creating Stunning Listing Images and A+ Content for Food Containers

Hello there! Welcome to our newest blog post, where we’re excited to share our recent adventure working on an incredible project. We had the chance to create some outstanding images for an Amazon listing featuring airtight food containers. Our amazing client from Los Angeles believed in us to make their product stand out, and we can’t wait to share all the details with you!

Before we dive into the creative process, let’s mention an interesting detail. Our client had their product shipped directly from the manufacturer in China to our studio. It took about 19 days for the airtight food containers to arrive, but we didn’t let that time go to waste. Instead, we used it to develop concepts for the listing images and video script, ensuring that everything was ready when the product arrived.

In this blog post, we’ll guide you through the journey of creating captivating listing images, useful infographics, and immersive A+ content for our client’s airtight food container product. And guess what? In March 2023, these images are among the most visually appealing on Amazon! So, join us as we offer a behind-the-scenes look into the creative process that made this fantastic product truly sparkle.
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Fishing in Baku – How we didn’t catch anything

After my two-week stay in Baku, Pasha and I decided to go fishing. We decided to ask the locals where the cherished places are. The only place where we meet a large number of locals is the gym, and the best place to ask about fishing in our opinion turned out to be the Sauna. So we started talking about fishing in the sauna, immediately got the useful info where to buy fishing rods in Baku, but as it turned out the guy who advised us the store with fishing equipment was not a fisherman. Our conversation was watched by two boys also sitting busily in the sauna and taking selfies with their iPhones on a stick. One of them spoke to us and said, in plain Russian, that his grandfather was a cool fisherman and went to Artem Island and always came back with fish.

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Food photography for DADIM Pizza in Baku

Already at the first meeting with the client I was excited about this project because I really liked the concept, and the spark in the eyes of the man who told me about their project and how everything will be in the near future. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately, I didn’t get a clear T.Z. Only a rough description of the photos, my assistant and I knew only that we need to take pictures of pizzas for the website of the company “Dadim Pizza” and to promote the same company in social networks. On the one hand, it gives you the freedom to be creative, but on the other hand, the client’s expectations may be quite different from the creative impulse of your thoughts. Still, the pizza had to be shot, and I wanted to shoot it at the highest level.

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Moving Kiev – Baku by car – BAKU 215

It so happened that in connection with the First European Olympic Games BAKU 2015, we moved to Baku. From Kiev we decided to go by car, since it would have been very expensive to bring all my photo equipment to Azerbaijan by plane, and the wheels under my butt in the new country will never hurt. The route Kiev – Baku by car I have laid, in my opinion, the quietest places. We drove through all the problematic regions of Ukraine on the territory of Russia, and then through Georgia to Azerbaijan. Our route was 2,724KM and took four days. Read more

Hotel photography – Are the pictures of your hotel worthy of the level claimed?

Advertising photography of the hotel


Don’t forget that on the eve of the first European games BAKU 2015 a very large number of sophisticated Europeans and not only will come here.

Let’s say your hotel’s website has undergone the best SEO optimization and directly jumps out of the screen to the user Google or Yandex, who is looking for a hotel in Baku. On, your ratings are off the charts, including some positive reviews. In spite of all this, you have a lot of empty rooms and few reservations. Maybe you should take a look at the pictures of your hotel and think about updating them?

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Expats in Baku – First Steps

As soon as we entered Baku the first impression on me was the pulling already closer to the center of the city. We stretched in it for about an hour. When we were almost at our goal, I was struck by the fact that in the relatively narrow street of Nakhchivan, parked cars, not in one row, but even in two. As I have already managed to understand here if anyone needs to stop, just stop, without thinking about emergency lights, turn signals, not to mention me driving behind.

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Gabala Azerbaijan – the whole resort is ours!

Due to recent circumstances, the management of my girlfriend’s organization (Anya) had to curtsy in front of us. We were offered a two-day trip to anywhere in Azerbaijan. I was busy with other things and did not participate in the selection of the place. Anya wanted to go to the mountains, and offered to send us to one of two places Gabala (Azerbaijan) or Shahdag (Shahdag) Soon we received confirmation of the reservation. It was the Qafqaz Resort Hotel Gabala. I opened the website and almost fell off the bed, the display on my phone almost cracked, the pictures I saw were more like a dorm photo than a five-star hotel. In the pictures I saw some kind of pyramid standing in front of some hill, a village, and some muddy green wet nature. It didn’t look a bit like the mountains. Knowing the pictures from the Peak Hotel website, and that we could have easily gone there if there wasn’t an “OR” in the letter I began to be slowly, but very quickly and persistently crushed by a toad. Toad was naturally accompanied by sarcastic comments toward Anya. I even offered not to go anywhere, but just to walk around Baku. In the end, we still decided to go, which I did not regret one bit as a result.
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ADEX 2016 – Arms Supermarket – photo report from Baku

ADEX 2016A couple of days ago I flew in from Baku. I will not describe my impressions of the trip, because this post is not about that. In this post, I will show some photos taken at the second international military exhibition ADEX 2016, which was held from September 27-30, 2016 in Baku, Azerbaijan. I would like to clarify right away that I am not an expert in the field of weapons and defense, and I am not even a particular fan of militarism, I was just invited to take pictures of the event. So for me, all coolness of weapons and ammunition is determined by size, shape, and color 🙂 As Sasha Baron Cohen used to say: “A nuclear warhead should have a pointy nose, so it sticks better into the ground…”

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Viktor Yanukovych’s residence in pictures

Residence of Viktor Yanukovych

A couple of days ago my acquaintance, a rather famous traveler and blogger Sergei, who was visiting Kiev for a couple of days, left. One of those days, we dedicated a trip to Mezhigorie, the village of Novye Petrovtsy. We wanted to see with our own eyes what Viktor Yanukovych’s residence looked like. It could have been quite an interesting story. Oddly enough, when we arrived at Mezhigorie, Vitya was not at home. But that’s no trouble at all. Now when you approach the residence, you won’t get shot at as you might have before, now you just buy a 50 hryvnia entrance ticket (that’s about $2) and walk through to the site. Of course, Vita was lucky with the site, there are mountains and the sea, almost like Krasnaya Polyana in Sochi, only in Ukraine.

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Kanapa Restaurant is the most memorable restaurant of 2016

Kanapa Black Dumplings Restaurant

How often do you wonder: where to go in Kiev? For me this question became more or less clear at the beginning of last year, when I visited Kanapa Restaurant for the first time. This place is very memorable to me. It has its own certain atmosphere and its own mood. This restaurant cannot be called expensive or cheap. It’s worth the money. But first things first.

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