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Don’t forget that on the eve of the first European games BAKU 2015 a very large number of sophisticated Europeans and not only will come here.

Let’s say your hotel’s website has undergone the best SEO optimization and directly jumps out of the screen to the user Google or Yandex, who is looking for a hotel in Baku. On, your ratings are off the charts, including some positive reviews. In spite of all this, you have a lot of empty rooms and few reservations. Maybe you should take a look at the pictures of your hotel and think about updating them?

Your customers are looking for you online.

The main flow of bookings in Europe and the U.S. is made through online services. Guests search and compare many hotels before making a reservation. Studies conducted by online services have shown that there are two factors in choosing a hotel: reviews and photos. Guests are looking for a visual understanding of what will be offered to them for their money. The photography of hotels creates a first impression, and the text only confirms it. Suppose you have the task of choosing a hotel. The two hotels have the same reviews, positive, all good and all super. But you do not know what is good for the person who left a review, maybe he likes to sleep in a crumpled bed and rest in a dull room with an overabundance of furniture and empty tables, you see it all in the photo. Opposite, at the second hotel, the client also wrote that everything is wonderful, but with your own eyes you already see a bright room, neatly laid out pillows, a bed with snow-white linens, and on the table is a freshly-squeezed bright orange freshness and a light breakfast. What will you choose for yourself?

Also plays a big role the number of photos, the more photos, the better. According to Bryan Payea, a marketer at Trip Adviser, 20 photos is enough for successful online sales. Hotels with 20 or more professional shots are 150 percent ahead of their competitors in online services. Proper photography of the hotel or hotel should include in addition to pictures of rooms, pictures of the restaurant, lobby and all other rooms that can visit the guest.

Why go to a professional in the field of interior photography?

Only an experienced interior photographer will be able to find the right angle and take the picture to sell your room as much as possible. A photographer who specializes in taking pictures of hotels and hotels is first of all a person who understands advertising, with the understanding that the picture he creates for you should present your hotel from the best possible angle. He must do his best to make the viewer when he looks at your pictures, he wants to find himself in your hotel, and feel the atmosphere of photography on himself.

Below is an example of one of America’s most successful interior photographers, Ashley Morrison, illustrating how the same room can be shot.

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