08.02.2023 Jaroslav Francisko

Cyclist on the bridgeFor some people, a successful photo is the one that gets the most likes in the social network feed, for others, the one that gets the most votes in some photoforum. I used to love posting pictures on 500px back in the day, too, and watching her rating go up. But we all grow up and priorities change, now, I’m more satisfied when my photos vote for my wallet, and then this decision is not regretted, and furthermore, it turns into a long-term and comfortable collaboration. I recently got an email request to shoot a new product line, a bicycle pump, for sale on Amazon, but need to shoot as similar as possible to an old product that is already on sale.

I often receive requests to re-shoot product photos, and 99% of the photos I get are the lowest grade of object photography. This is not to say that those who took it bad, you can always say, “Sarochka, and what did you want for the money? So, this client sent me decent pictures that when viewed on the phone looked pretty good. So much so that I was a little worried about whether the client would be satisfied with my price. But as it turned out later, my price was cheaper than that of his colleagues who have listed it earlier. A couple of days after I received the product, I took a picture of it and gave it to the customer.

Flatlay shooting for Amazon

As a variant for the main photo we decided to show all the content, and decided to do it in a fashionable Flat Lay 3/4 style where the sharpness over the entire frame, for this we almost used Tilt Shift optics and medium format, but nothing happened 🙂

Subject photographySubject in use by AmazonBicycle pump in hand

Bicycle pump

Photography for Amazon

Photography for Amazon

After the pictures were published on Amazone, the good news reached us! Our client wrote us that sales have doubled! This is the best news we can get from our customers!

Before and After

Although the color scheme of the product is slightly different, I think you can see the difference in detail, lighting and presentation of the product, although at first glance these are two identical photos. But one of them doubled my client’s income.