08.02.2023 Jaroslav Francisko

Apartment photography Kiev
There are a lot of materials and tips on the Internet about howto “rent an apartment in Kiev” or“how to photograph an apartment correctly“. This article is not about how to rent an apartment, twice the market value, but about how our photography of real estate in Kiev helps speed up the process of renting, and also gives a nice bonus, in the form of a choice, his client. In other words, our apartment photography attracts more potential paying customers from which you can choose the tenant with whom you will be most happy to do business.






As well as in the field of online sales, the real estate market today is a fierce struggle for the customer. First of all, among thousands of real estate ads for sale or rent, your potential client first of all, chooses his future apartment with his eyes, and also by listening to his inner subconscious feeling. Let’s try to understand the importance of good photos of real estate on the example of one of the recent shootings of an apartment in the center of Kiev.

For some time we have been studying the question, and even read all sorts of research and statistics of the world real estate agencies and we know that most of the customers who are looking for apartments above the average cost (let’s call it the premium segment) prefer bright, spacious and comfortable apartments. This is the key to good photos.



Today was the first clear March day in Kiev, and good weather. Unfortunately, my client could not wait until today, and the shooting of this 2-room apartment in the center of Kiev, we conducted in one of the cloudy and gray days. Moreover, the shooting started at 3:30 p.m., which is almost evening.


In order to reduce the cost of photography with the client was agreed that the cleaning and partial preparation of the apartment for filming the client takes on itself. My customer did very well with this task. All cables and unnecessary items were removed.


Some would have been content with this shot. But let’s get to the end of the matter and create a little history. For example, the real one. About the romantic designer, because this apartment is most likely to suit a person close to creativity( It’s filled with all kinds of cool stuff.

Apartment photography Kiev

That’s the shot. that will interest a future client. We showed a bright apartment, with a big view window, we showed comfort and warmth, don’t you agree with me? Then compare the difference before and after. Yes, you have to spend time decorating the shot, but consider the value of the shot. You can open the AIRBNB website right now and see which apartments are occupied and which are vacant. I’m willing to bet that most of the bright and cozy apartments with the atmosphere we know how to create will be occupied.


We are not followers of wide-angle lenses, I like to create intrigue and not show everything, in this case in this shot the size of the bedroom is not lost, we showed that the bedroom has two windows and it is bright. Don’t forget the story of the romantic designer who made breakfast for his beloved (it doesn’t matter that it’s made of two apples, the main thing is that it’s there)

But still, there is a closet in the bedroom, we should not forget about it, although we are not fans of wide-angle lenses that show absolutely everything, sometimes we still use these optics.

For example, to show what the kitchen looks like, that the kitchen is spacious and bright.

Or to take a picture of the whole bathroom.

But most of all we like to tell stories like the one above 🙂