08.02.2023 Jaroslav Francisko

Photography for Amazon

Selling on Amazon, Amazon Art, or even Etsy is gaining popularity as a super profitable and low-cost business. This is not surprising, since a relatively small investment, bring great dividends. And the most important advantage Amazon business is the ability to access the vast overseas market, as they say, “from the comfort of home. Original photography of goods for sale is becoming more and more in demand.

As strange as it may sound, Amazon primarily sells to the customer virtual The image of the product, visual sensations, emotional expectations, which can fully form a competently and thoughtfully made product photos. After all, it is impossible to feel the goods, to assess the quality of packaging and materials in an online store. That’s why 50 percent of success is it’s successful photos of your listing that maximize the merits of the product.

You can, of course, use Google and search for “subject photography“, “cheap subject photography” to find proposals, For example, from 15 UAH. ($0.5). There are also more expensive: for example, 50 UAH per photo (which is approximately $ 1.5). If you are interested in photography at this price level, you can safely close this blog. You can be sure that photos of these guys will meet all of Amazona’s requirements and maybe even the color in the photo will be match the color of the product. But will such a photograph stand out from the competition? Colleagues like this work on a stream. Same Scheme light – and everything as quickly as possible. This type of photography is more suitable for online stores, where hundreds of similar products of the same brand are sold. We take an individual approach to each shoot and try, in addition to images goods to convey feelings. Because of this, our clients’ listings stand out from hundreds of others. Main The result of using our photos by the client is an increase in conversion, i.e. increase the number of visitors to the site who make a purchase of the photographed product. How do we know? Word of mouth: we are often asked to rephotograph products that have already been photographed by someone else .

Subject photography for amazon

We know how to emphasize not only the design findings, but to convey even a tactile sensation. To do this when taking a picture of a subject, demonstrating its use, we are very careful to address the issue of of the human element in the frame, and in our opinion this is very important.


Ifestyle photography is photography that shows a subject in use. It is these pictures that show all its advantages, options for its use. After seeing these photos, the client should think, “Great! This is what I need right now!” We know how to to present a product in such a way that The customer buys it as an obligatory and necessary component of convenience, comfort, prestige and happiness.

object in use

In this kind of photography for us it is very important to convey the atmosphere and positive mood of using the product. After all, it’s the feeling that creates the sale. Everything that the buyer sees on the screen, he subconsciously projects onto himself.

So what do we need for a successful shoot?


There are different target audiences for different product groups. For example, a massage mat is most likely to buy girls and women. On the basis of these criteria, and we chose models to create a listing, as well as a product landing page.

Lifestyle photography

We are very sensitive to the choice of people who will demonstrate the product: we try to look for the most suitable commercially for the American market. We carefully consider the type of clothing, its color, which must necessarily match the product, and the color scheme of the interior.

Amazon photography


To create our Lifestyle Photos for Amazon, we choose authentic locations that match the latest fashion trends, as well as suitable for the perception of our target audience. target audience. In the interiors we recreate the atmosphere of coziness and comfort, to show how everyday life, leisure time, habits, passions, interests, environment, and life itself can change after the purchase of goods.

Subject photography

It is very important for us to convey a good mood, comfort and a feeling of happiness, that are created by when using the product. We try to go the way of marketers Every new year they show us not a glass of Coke, but a beautiful Lapland, reindeer, a beautiful Christmas tree, Santa Claus, laughing people, a fireplace, and at the end – a bottle of Coke. And the whole world runs after that ♪ to the store ♪ for Coca-Cola.

Promotional photography for Amazon